In English

I am a former member of the Finnish Parliament (2011-2023), entrepreneur and media professional. I’ve lived in Helsinki all my adult life.

I’ve always been interested in social and political issues, and in doing my part in the building of an improved tomorrow. This interest led me to studying political science at Helsinki University. After earning my master’s degree in political science in 2008, I spent a few years working at the Finnish Parliament as an aid for the Minister of Communications. I wanted to see how the system works, how I’d be able to get things done if I got elected, which was my long term goal. I earned a seat in the Helsinki City Council in 2009.

I have supported myself as a private entrepreneur in the media for fifteen years. In addition to my more visible role as the presenter in numerousTV-programs – the most memorable of which was the 2007 International Eurovision Song Contest here in Helsinki which I co-hosted – my work hosting private functions and events has taken me all over Finland and has allowed me to familiarize myself with the workings of Finnish society from the grassroots level all the way to the top. I have also gained an understanding of how important it is for Finland to play an active role internationally. That mindset and the various languages I speak have served me well when participating in Council of Europe meetins.

Family means everything to me. I’m from a blue collar, Karelian immigrant family from Lahti. I grew up taking care of myself, my loved-ones, and, to the best of my ability, the community. I attribute my appreciation of working hard and being industrious to my working class background. I can’t imagine ever giving up or not trying – that’s how fundamentally important work is to me.

A central element of the environment in which I grew up was taking care of the ones you hold dear. Family members cared for aging parents and grandparents. That responsibility was not delegated to outsiders or officials. It was this sense of personal involvement, and the realization of how endangered this sense of community was becoming, that ultimately got me involved in politics.

I am hardworking, effective, and curious. My goal is to understand the big picture, as well as the smaller details. What ever I take on, I finish. Equality, education, tolerance, and caring for others are core values to me. With freedom comes responsibility. My goal is to work towards a globally integrated, just, and successful Finland.